The new RECs in the province of Cuneo

Wednesday, April 24th 2024 at the Space Meetings of CRC Foundation, the Renewable Energy Communities that will be established in the province of Cuneo thanks to the projects launched with the Call for New Energy 2022 will be presented.

Between 2020 and 2023, CRC Foundation has supported, through several calls and with over a million euros, projects aimed at the establishment of Renewable Energy Communities, where Envipark has been involved in the accompanying path as a technical partner. During the month of April more than 10 of the RECs supported will be formally established and the event of April 24th will be an opportunity to meet all the beneficiary energy communities, gathered in Cuneo to tell the path taken.

The event is part of the Planet Week program, a few days before the G7 Environment of Venaria Reale, promoted by the Ministry of Environment and Energy Security with the aim of highlighting the Italian experiences of combating climate change.

The event is free and to participate you must register at this link.

At this link you can learn more about the program of the day.