GASLESS project

(Global Assistance Service for Low Energy investments toward a foSSil free Public sector) is a project co-financed by the European Union under the LIFE programme. It is part of the strategy of the European Union Renovation Wave that has the ambition to promote solutions that can accelerate the rate of renovation of buildings.

The main goals of GASLESS are to increase the rate of energy renewal in public buildings, accelerate the transition from natural gas to renewables and reduce current expenditure in the public budget. These objectives will be pursued by strengthening the capacity of the public sector to attract public and private funding, by promoting clusters that create the conditions for a portfolio of energy efficiency projects, providing energy audits that estimate the necessary investments, the achievable savings and the feasible solutions on buildings, publishing standardized financial scenarios ready to be implemented and defining a sustainable long-term business model overall.



project duration (2023-2027)

The project is coordinated by the Region of Piedmont and sees in its partnership ENVIRONMENT Park SpA, PR.I.S.MA scrl and SCR Piemonte.